Our Services

At KTC, we focus on your transaction and its financial viability. Unlike traditional finance sources, KTC’s unique approach to providing finance solutions is not solely concerned with the balance sheet and income statement of the company but the economics of the opportunity at hand and the company’s ability to perform if provided sufficient capital.

Reliable Sourcing
KTC funds transactions with suppliers/subcontractors and manufacturers that have a proven track record.

Valid Purchase Orders and Contracts
KTC will provide financing based upon firm valid purchase orders issued by creditworthy companies or governmental entities. KTC will not support consignment transactions.

Verifiable Repayment
KTC bridges the capital needs to acquire or manufacture inventory to fulfill purchase orders and contracts. We understand the firm payment terms and upon delivery or completion we are typically taken out or repaid by a bank, factor, asset-based lender, letter of credit or direct repayment by the ultimate end customer.

Benefits of Purchase Order Finance

  • The ability to buy inventory and grow sales without being limited by existing capital.
  • Allows companies to grow without increased bank debt or selling equity.
  • Helps ensure timely deliveries to customers.
  • Increase market share.
  • Allows companies to make larger profits by fulfilling larger orders.
  • Fast flexible funding.
  • Provides overseas manufacturers assurance to start production of goods
  • Helps companies in a turnaround.
  • Helps when seasonal sales spikes strain cash flow.

Additional King Trade Services

Government Contract Finance

King Trade Capital specializes in government contract finance and has done so since 1993. We have expertise in providing financing to Government contractors in need of capital to fulfill or complete contracts for governments around the world.

Whether it is a contract to deliver generators after a hurricane in the US, vehicles into war torn regions in the Middle East or elevators to an Embassy in South America, King Trade Capital understands the government contracting process and the unique needs involved with financing and fulfilling these contracts.

If you are in need of mobilization money to kick off a contract or financing to acquire or manufacture equipment or inventory to deliver under a government contract – King Trade Capital has a finance solution that will help.

KTC has nearly 30 years of experience dealing with the unique requirements of dealing with governmental agencies and can offer our years of incite and experience to help enhance your contracting relationships.

KTC finances both domestic and international contract deliveries for US, Canadian and UK based companies. Our financing has supported countless contracts for supplies and equipment into Iraq and Afghanistan. We have financed deliveries to governments around the world including US, Canada, Great Britain, Mexico, Taiwan, China and others.

Participations for Service Lenders

Since 1993 many lenders have relied upon KTC’s expertise to help them with existing clients going through growing pains. By participating with KTC on these types of projects, the lender gets the benefit of KTC’s transaction management experience, structure and oversight. KTC’s unique abilities allow for the best outcome for the lender and the client.

Workouts for Service Lenders
When a lender finds itself in a workout situation, KTC may be of help by offering a viable way to help the customer grow itself back to profitability. KTC’s Purchase Order Financing often provides a finance solution that allows the company to recover by fulfilling new profitable orders while adding structure and transaction management that a lender likes. Typically, the lender benefits by the company fulfilling profitable sales without the bank taking on additional risk thus allowing them to pay down the lender through a portion of the proceeds collected on these profitable sales.