Broker Registration

For Production Transactions, KTC will pay you one percent (1%) of the funded amount made for your client. ‘Production Transactions’ is defined as transactions in which your client is manufacturing or assembling goods prior to the goods being delivered to its end customer(s). ‘Funded Amount’ is defined as the actual dollar amount KTC funds for your client, as defined in our Form of Confirmation.

For Finished Goods Transactions, KTC will pay you ten percent (10%) of the fees earned and collected by KTC. ‘Finished Goods Transactions’ shall mean transactions in which your client is not doing any manufacturing or assembling prior to the goods being delivered to its end customer(s). In the event subsequent fundings are provided, such compensation will be made for a period of one (1) year from the date the initial funding is made by KTC to your client. Commission compensation will not be due and payable to you until KTC is repaid in full all funded amounts, expenses and funding fees.

Your compensation is based on your having introduced your client to KTC and on your efforts in coordination, document assembly; etc., as KTC may require. You are responsible for the payment of all other brokerage commissions payable on this transaction. It is KTC’s policy that no compensation is payable to anyone having a direct or indirect ownership interest in a KTC client. For the permanent registration to be valid, an executed Application to become a Client must be received by KTC within 90 days and the first funding to this client must be made within one year, each from today. You agree that registration of this and/or any future client is not effective until KTC and you have both executed this Agreement. Should it be required that you inform your client or others of this Agreement, we rely on you to do so.

 Please complete the following form to register as a Broker with KTC.

*If you wish to register your client, please complete the Name of Client box.