King Trade Capital Establishes a $7 Million Purchase Order Finance Line for NY Apparel Brand

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

KTC was contacted by a referral partner who was hired to seek capital for a New York based apparel brand in need of capital to fund its’ growing inventory need to fulfill growing sales.

KTC was able to quickly assess the Client’s in-house pre-sold inventory and their supply chain finance needs and KTC offered a full trade cycle finance solution to help the Client execute upon the doubling their sales in 2021.

KTC’s PO finance solution was put in place along with two different non-recourse factoring companies that are factoring a diversified group of retailer’s invoices.

The PO finance solution KTC is providing consists of providing liquidity on pre-sold in-house inventory as well as offering letters of credit and cash payments to overseas suppliers to continue to grow the inventory supply chain necessary to fulfill future customer sales. The factoring companies will continue to provide the Client with additional liquidity once the inventory is delivered to the customers.