Fiber Optic Manufacturer

Type of Deal: Domestic
Deal Size: $800,000
Funding Requested: Cash Funding

KTC has been expanding its domestic and international exposure to more and more technology related companies. KTC added a client recently that assembles connectors on fiber optic lines for Fujistu and other major companies. The company has historically grown through accelerating its cash flow with a factor and getting vendor credit. However, as our client’s reputation grew so did the orders. Recently, they received an $800,000 purchase orders from Fujistu. The company clearly had the knowledge and know as well as the manufacturing how and capacity but lacked the credit or capital to commit to the orders. We met with our client and helped them make the commitment to directly fund production after KTC issued its commitment in just 5 days. Our client has completed the first $800,000 order and is preparing for the next deliveries.