King Trade Capital Offers $1.5 MM increase to Existing Client 

Friday, September 22, 2023

King Trade Capital is pleased to provide a seasonal increase to an existing clients PO finance facility in support of their seasonal sales growth into big box retail. 

An existing client found that the cash flow provided by their factor was not sufficient to provide the liquidity needed to buy inventory from China needed to support their ever-growing sales. The company, which KTC has supported for years, called to discuss a larger facility to support their current growth. King Trade did not hesitate to offer a finance solution for their seasonal need. 

KTC worked together with the factor to make sure there was enough credit capacity for the factor to advance on the large receivables once the goods are delivered to retail. 

Andrew Chong said, “Our client came to us with an urgent need to provide a solution to ensure timely shipment of inventory from their overseas supplier. Through close collaboration with the factor, we successfully put in place a solution that guarantees our client’s ability to fulfil their seasonal retail orders. We take pride in being a trusted financial partner with the capability to execute swiftly and effectively.”